Individual/Professional Membership ($75.00)

Open to those who serve as professional conservators/guardians, as well as those who support conservatorship and guardianship in related fields of health care, the court system, social work and other professional services. Annual dues are $75.00.

Organizational Membership ($150.00)

Open to those who wish to enroll multiple individuals from the same for-profit business, government agency, court system office, non-profit agency, etc. Membership in this category applies to organizations that provide professional conservatorship and guardianship services, as well as to those that offer related services that support conservatorships and guardianships. Annual dues of $150.00 provide a listing for one person that the organization identifies as their primary contact. Other individuals may then be added as members from the same organization for an additional $50.00 per person. All benefits of membership are available to each individual who is identified as a member by the organization.

County Judges & Clerks; Family/Volunteer/Retired Membership ($25.00)
Open to County Court Judges and Clerks ; also family members who serve as conservators and guardians, to individuals working as conservators and guardians without remuneration, to those who are retired from providing professional conservatorship and guardianship services and consumers and advocates interested in supporting the goal of CAT.

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County Judges & Clerks/Family/Volunteer/Retired