About Conservatorship Association of Tennessee

Conservatorship Association of Tennessee (CAT) is a membership organizationĀ of people who are concerned about the quality of services for the increasing number of vulnerable Tennesseans who need assistance in decision-making. Membership is open to conservators, guardians, attorneys, representative payees, advocates, family members, judges, magistrates, physicians, social workers, case managers and anyone else interested in improving the lives of Tennesseans who may need conservatorship or guardianship services. Guardianship is now called Conservatorship in Tennessee for persons 18 years or older.

For minors the term Guardianship remains. Conservatorship is a legal process by which a court determines that a person cannot make decisions about some or all areas of life. A Conservator in Tennessee can be a person, institution, or agency appointed by a court to manage the affairs of another. Your local court will be able to direct you to the divisions that handle conservatorships.

Our Purpose

The Conservatorship Association of Tennessee (CAT) is a nonprofit organization established for the following purposes:

  • To serve as a resource forĀ  families, individuals with disabilities, professional and advocacy organizations, state and local agencies, and the legal community;
  • To increase awareness, knowledge and expertise about conservatorship and related topics through developing informational materials, training, and educational opportunities;
  • To offer a forum for analysis and discussion of key issues.
  • Establish standards of practice, and;
  • Advocate to improve policies, processes, and practices related to conservatorship in Tennessee.